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Is Content really the King or it is just Slang? Let’s Find Out!

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  • Digital Magnate IconMateen Khan
  • Digital Magnate Icon 22 Feb, 2021
Is Content really the King or it is just Slang? Let’s Find Out!

You have heard the phrase Content is the King but do you really understand what it means and is it really true?

You have heard the phrase Content is the King but do you really understand what it means and is it really true?

Let’s find out but firstly let’s understand what Content Writing is.

What is Content Writing?

Are you familiar with the slang phrase "Content is King"? The term genuinely causes fits when creating websites. The information about your service that you wanted the customer to read is essentially the definition of content. Online readers enjoy reading witty or educational slang, phrases, taglines, etc. They are compelled to read more about the good or service as a result. The number of website viewers rises with good content. Is the information about your service or product simply data that is written on your website? If so, a little customisation needs to be included. Your website's content must be original and captivating. Otherwise, the audience will eventually become disinterested and quit your website.

Content writing refers to Writing paragraphs, Articles, Product Description and Blogs to engage viewers. It is not just randomly write anything about a specific product or Service, Rather there are bunch of limitations for Content Writers to Write Content.

Why it is an Essential Part of Digital Marketing and Information Technology Sector?

It is not wrong to say that Digital Marketing requires Content writing more than any other field and the reason is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In Digital Marketing, the Content is required to increase the on page ranking of the websites with the help of SEO. Content Contain Keywords that are used by Digital Marketing to promote a Website and increase its product or Services Enquiries.

Apart from SEO Content, Blogs are the other aspect of Content Writing as Blogs also engage viewers with the help of Interesting Blogs, Eye Catchy Taglines etc.

What Type of Content suit My Business

Now when you got the complete Idea of what is Content and how it works, the next question occurs in mind is Every Type of Content can be used for multiple Websites?

Well that could not be a tricky question as it is clear that the originality of the content helps the SEO to increase it’s viewership. The more plagiarism Free and unique the content is, the more chances it will have to increase the company Enquiries on the Search Engines.

So every type of Content cannot be used for Multiple Companies.

To understand it better let’s talk about how many types of Websites are there.

Websites or Business are those who provide a product or a Service through their page. If a firm is associated in Medical and Nursing Sector, then they will need a content that has knowledge and facts about Medical as well as information about the product or Service.


What happen if I write my own Content Instead of hiring an IT firm or taking Freelance Service?

Everyone wanted to save Money whether it’s a small business or a Big Firm. So the idea of writing content on your own instead of paying others to do that might be a way to save some money but is it really saving money?

Let’s assume you had written your Content and Posted on the website but no Product or Services Enquiries are coming on your Website. This can be due to not having the understanding of SEO oriented Content.

Content Writers Associated with IT and Digital Marketing Firms have better understanding of SEO oriented Content and they put a special type of words known as “Keywords” that are helpful to increase product Enquiries on Search Engines.